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Reuse your blues


Reuse Your Blues means taking your old jeans and pairing them with one of our designs to create a product with a real story—all yours. Why does that matter? Because a pair of jeans isn't always JUST a pair of jeans.

    I have one pair of old ripped jeans that mean the world to me...I’ll never get rid of them. I’ve kept them through two states and three houses, in my chest of drawers. I used to take them out every now and again, even though they were well beyond repair. Those jeans are now a bag from Hem + Haw, a bag that holds the memories of some really great times in my life.
    — Joe M.

    We've collaborated with our North Carolina-based manufacturer to establish a streamlined process for collecting, cutting and sewing your one-of-a-kind handbag (or wallet!). 

    1. Choose a design

    2. Send us your jeans

    3. We'll send back your renewed blues.

    As a result, you'll have an artifact that represents a season of life, a place or, perhaps more important, a person.

    Sundays always felt like a big deal in our house growing up. My dad, a preacher, would give his sermon and then we could finally come home and relax. But first, he would change into a perfectly worn-in pair of blue jeans—I can still feel the textured threads and see the color so clearly in my mind.
    — Karri B.

    We've temporarily paused our Reuse Your Blues Campaign, but join our mailing list for info on when we resume again in early 2018.