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Good jeans, good food, good style and good reads

Good jeans, good food, good style and good reads

What We're Reading: Beach Reads for June

Hope Voelkel

We define beach read as that book you can't put down. The book that, frankly, you have to read at the beach so you can spend several uninterrupted hours with it. Here's a list to make narrowing down your vacation choice a little easier this month.

My Sunshine Away: MO Walsh

The writing is beautiful and the wrestling at the heart of it—a man looking back on the unsolved rape of his 15 YO neighbor—meets tough questions head on. No flinching.

"A gripping read that's more than a thriller, more than a traditional Southern tale, 'My Sunshine Away' is a brilliant meditation on the unpredictability and the lifelong effects of childhood events and relationships: how they make us who we are, and who we wish we were, and who we wish we weren't." The Chicago Tribune

Station Eleven: EMily St. JOhn Mandel

Several different storylines (past and present) tie together this novel about the before and after of a catastrophic flu virus. (Perhaps a less terrifying read when it's NOT flu season).



Beautiful Ruins: Jess Walter

Need humor, romance AND a little mystery? Beautiful Ruins will take you from Hollywood to Italy and a few places in between as you follow troubled (yet lovable) characters between the past and present, wincingly bad decisions and hopefully good ones.