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What We're Reading: November

Good jeans, good food, good style and good reads

Good jeans, good food, good style and good reads

What We're Reading: November

Hope Voelkel

The long of it.

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed: Jon Ronson

Ronson interviews names you’ll recognize from their wince-worthy moments of infamy on the internet . When you read it (because you must read it), you’ll laugh and mutter a few thank god that wasn’t mes while considering the role of shaming in our larger culture.

The Art of Waiting: Belle Boggs

A lovely title and the book articulates what a lot of us wrestle with regarding childlessness, childbearing and the confusing world in between. You can read an excerpt over on Slate. 


The short of it

1. A Playlist of Leonard Cohen Songs to Help You Make Sense of the World

In the midst of presidential elections and turning 37, I missed the announcement of Leonard Cohen’s death. He’s a songwriter I’ve always loved for his poetic melancholy with a sprinkle of hope. 

2. How to Find the 25th Hour in Your Day

“The entire concept of “routine” doesn’t take into account that every day is not like the one before it. We wake up differently each morning, with different things ahead of us and different underlying moods. Strict morning routines ignore this fact entirely and ask you to apply a single behavior across all types of days. Forcing yourself to go for a run if all you really want is a giant garlic bagel is not self-love, it’s just another daunting commitment on your calendar.”

3. The Story of ‘Ella and Louis,’ 60 years later

Since our move to New Orleans, I’ve become a pretty avid listener to the local jazz station, WWOZ. When I don't get my daily dose of tunes, I'm a little off, so I'm currently gobbling up whatever I can on this genre. Here’s the backstory on the first collaboration between two greats.

"...“Ella and Louis” is nearly perfect. It is one of those works of art — and they don’t come along often — that seems to have always existed. It features two of the greatest artists the century produced: Armstrong, the innovator and ambassador of jazz, and Fitzgerald, its most gifted singer. "