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Good jeans, good food, good style and good reads

Good jeans, good food, good style and good reads

Five U.S.-made jeans brands you might just love

Hope Voelkel

If you’re keeping up with Hem + Haw at all, it’s probably because you have at least a little affinity for a good pair of jeans. Maybe you have that perfect-fitting pair now, maybe you have had it in the past (remember you can send us that one to turn into a bag!) or maybe you’re on the hunt.  If you're in the hunting camp: take a brief tour of five U.S. made denim companies and see what strikes your fancy.

Last but not least: Blue Delta, a custom-made jeans company in Mississippi. I’m a bit put-out they don’t have a New Orleans fitting option but they DO have a clone-my-jeans option that slightly makes up for it.

Need some advice on finding the best fit for your body type? Check this out. Hope you find the perfect pair.